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Lonhea Alpine Clinic


Lonhea Alpine Clinic is an exclusive private health establishment with a unique family atmosphere. Result of Dr. Michel Golay and dedicated hoteliers to create an idyllic retreat where patients can benefit from his method, the result of 25 years of experience and research about Salutogenesis.


Lonhea has for purpose to provide the knowledge and personal profile needed to reach and maintain optimal well-being. Our resolution is to optimise physical and mental performance, show the way to age well & increase longevity, improve overall well-being, prevent disease and/or slow the development of present or pending conditions and accompany on the path to the optimal health.


Dr. Golay is known as one of the best specialist in his branch. He graduated as a Chiropractor in Los Angeles in 1988, validated his diploma in Switzerland in 1990, then studied various health philosophies such as acupuncture, energy medicine and homeopathy. He also followed post-graduate studies in micro-nutrition and functional neurology. Specialised during a time in sports medicine, he benefits of an excellent reputation with international athletes (specially Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Festina Team and is today one of the coach of the Serbia Tennis girl's team). On the strength of 25 years of research and experience, he has reached the goal he set himself when he was younger, the creation of a method for the development of global health scientifically valid. They have allowed him to better adjust some reeducation protocols to accelerate the full recovery of athletes and also protocols on health recovery for men, women and children with diseases. It is with great satisfaction that he is now working on the scientific validation of his method with the help of specialized doctors within the CHU in Geneva.


Set in exclusive nature surroundings with state-of-art equipment, Lonhea Alpine Clinic's method is based on the latest advances in medicine, technology, sport science and nutrition, as well as on general principals of well-being. It is built in typical warm welcoming mountain style and environment. Patients will retreat to 4 individual rooms and 3 suites. Various common areas are at disposal for relaxing – seating area with library, state of art dinning hall, garden and terraces, "Les Fontaines de Pierre" -  SPA & wellness centre comprising an outdoor heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, infrared sauna, steam bath, relaxing room, swedish sauna with its refreshing outdoor cold tub.


Meals, prepared by Pedro, our caring Chef, take place by the fireplace in a spacious dining room with a stunning view of the Alps.


Areas of specialization


The mission of Dr. Michel Golay and his team is is to help finding, optimising and maintaining your most precious asset – your health – to ensure well-being and longevity. The accent is on sporting activity and healthy, balanced meals.


Our method is based on harmonising both body and mind/brain function by assessing both the “reptilian” and “digestive” brains. It first measures current situation and defines optimal health parameters along with the tools and targeted actions which will be required to reach the goals of our patients.


Our objectives are set on Health Clinic, Sports Medicine, Chiropractic treatments, Functional rehabilitation, Diabetes type 2, Weight loss, High blood pressure, Sleeping and Digestive disorders, Neurodegenerative diseases and Detox.





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